Haring Center Auction Fund

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Discretionary funds to be used to support the Haring Center auction.

The Haring Center Renovation Project

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By renovating it's outdated and antiquated facility, the Haring Center renovation project will be able to keep up with the demands of contemporary learning and family support models and create a space to develop our education researchers and professional development teams. By committing funds to renovate the building, the Haring Center can continue to improve lives of countless children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders and other disabilities and make inclusion a reality.

Haring Center Professional Development Fund

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To support the development, management and activities associated with the Haring Center’s Professional Development team.

Haring Center Fund for Inclusion

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Gifts to the Haring Center Fund for Inclusion provide unrestricted support to the model early childhood programs at the Haring Center. At the director's discretion, funds will be used to provide assistance where it's most needed to ensure children continue to receive high quality, innovative social, emotional, and academic early intervention services.

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