Friends of Asian Languages Fund

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This discretionary fund provides immediate financial support with maximum flexibility to address the most pressing needs of the department. In addition to supporting the department's five programs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, and Southeast Asian languages, your donation will also support talks, symposia, colloquia, and other teaching and research activities that serve the university, local, and international communities.

Asian Languages and Literature Student Support Fund

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Our ability to expand awareness of Asian languages and literatures and to train the next generation is possible only with support for our students. Your contribution to this fund allows the department to further undergraduate and graduate studies in various ways, including prizes for excellence in scholarship, support for study abroad, and both merit- and need-based financial aid. It will allow us to attract, support, and graduate the best and brightest students in the field today.

Washin Kai - Friends of Classical Japanese Fund

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Washin Kai created this fund to provide support for the Classical Japanese language, literature, and culture program, addressing the greatest needs as determined by the Chair. Funds may be used for, but are not limited to, recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and students; hosting visiting speakers and conferences; providing travel and research funds to students and faculty; holding public events; and offering scholarships and fellowships.

Chinese Graduate Support Endowment

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General support for graduate students studying Chinese language, linguistics and/or literature.

Korean Language Support Fund

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To support program expenses (faculty salary, research, travel and other instructional costs) related to the teaching of the Korean Language in the Dept.of Asian Languages & Literature.

Department of Asian Languages & Lit. Friends of Early Buddhist Manuscript Fund

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The Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project was founded in September 1996 in order to promote the study, editing, and publication of a unique collection of Buddhist manuscripts from the region of ancient Gandhara. These 1st century AD manuscripts promise to provide unprecedented insights into the early history of Buddhism in north India as well as in Central and East Asia.

Friends of Sanskrit

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This fund will support programs and activities related to the study and research of Sanskrit language and literature at the discretion of the Chair.

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