Rheumatology Fellowship Training Fund

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Education is one of the Division of Rheumatology's primary areas of focus. As part of UW Medicine, an academic medical center, the division is charged with training tomorrow's physicians and researchers. Gifts to this fund support the division's efforts in these areas, including supporting trainees' research efforts, their participation in educational and collaborative conferences, and purchasing supplies, among other needs.

Rheumatology Discretionary Fund

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Discretionary funds are vital to the mission of the Division of Rheumatology. Gifts to this fund allow the division to pursue its three-part mission: providing exemplary care to its patients, educating the next generation of physicians and researchers, and conducting leading-edge research into disease and illness. These funds, used at the discretion of the division head, give the division maximum flexibility in setting priorities, responding to pressing needs, and exploring valuable avenues of research.

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