Fund for Excellence in Immunology

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This fund supports educational and research activities within the Department of Immunology at the discretion of the chair. The overarching goal of the department's education and research is to develop new knowledge about the immune response and to apply that knowledge to the development of new vaccines and therapies to prevent and treat globally important infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders including arthritis, type-1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, allergic diseases including asthma, and cancer.

Immunology Seminars Fund

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Supports seminar programs in UW Medicine's Department of Immunology.

Russell and Rae Weiser Lecture Fund

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Dr. Russell S. Weiser played a leading role in establishing immunology as an important discipline at the University of Washington. Dr. Weiser's family, friends, colleagues, and former students established the Weiser Lectureship in 1985 to honor his many contributions to science and his dedication to training young immunologists. The income from the endowment supports the annual lecture, presented by a leading immunological investigator as part of an in-depth visit with the department's faculty, students, and post-doctoral trainees.

The Sandra L. Clark Immunology Education Fund

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Professor Edward Clark established this fund with the help of friends and colleagues in memory of his sister, Sandra L. Clark. She died of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 34. Sandy was a nurse and strongly supported immunology education and research as a means to combat AIDS and other diseases of the immune system. The purpose of this endowed fund is to support activities that enhance the education of immunology graduate students. For example, the fund supports the Sandra L. Clark Endowed Lecture usually given at the department's annual retreat. The Clark Fund also provides an award for the best graduate student poster at the retreat and may provide for other awards and fellowships granted to graduate students at the discretion of the Clark Fund committee.

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