Shoreline Dental Hygiene Program at UW Dentistry

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Delta Dental recently donated $1 million to help cover the costs of renovations needed to accommodate the expansion of the Shoreline Community College dental hygienist training program at the UW. In addition to the donation, Delta Dental has created a $500,000 match. This match, when achieved, will raise an additional $1 million to provide needed funds for the dental hygiene program at the UW. The state is facing a great shortage of dental hygienists. Your contribution will make a difference in educating and graduating more dental hygienists in our state. Please give as generously as you can.

Dentistry Campaign for Clinics and Equipment

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Campaign for Clinics was created to improve our School’s infrastructure and provide the state-of-the art technology necessary for practicing digital dentistry in today’s dental clinics. Modernizing the School of Dentistry is crucial if we want to continue attracting the best students, recruit and retain the stellar faculty and researchers who make our high ranking possible, and ensure our future excellence. The School has a significant need for new chairs, cabinetry and partitions to create the proper environments for the education of our students and the proper care of our patients. Digital dentistry and state-of the art technology are essential to prepare students for their practices when they graduate.

Dentistry Dean's Fund for Excellence

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A priority fund to support new initiatives and areas of greatest need in the School of Dentistry. This fund can be used to provide support for ongoing and emergent needs, giving the Dean the ability to direct funds to meet critical needs as they arise and direct resources towards transformative opportunities.

Veteran's Access to Dental Care Fund

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Your contribution to this fund can make a difference in the lives of low-income combat veterans and their families in our community. Most people are unaware that 92% of all low-income combat veterans do not receive dental services. The dental work will be performed by our 4th year dental students and supervising faculty, providing crucial treatment while giving our students the opportunity to form one-to-one relationships and have the experience of treating our combat heroes.

School of Dentistry - Health Sciences Education Building Fund

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The University of Washington, with investment from the state of Washington, is taking a major step: the development of a state-of-the-art new Health Sciences Education Building to transform how we teach students, so they can work together more effectively as a team of health-care professionals to care for millions of people. This new 100,000 sq. ft. building will: Provide students with flexible, high-tech learning spaces, including computer simulation, mock treatment labs and remote learning access Include an ultra-modern Medicine Anatomy Lab Suite with virtual anatomy capabilities Create a hub for the health sciences schools that fosters interaction, collaboration and cutting-edge learning Attract and retain talented students and faculty — critical to maintaining the UW’s top-ranked programs

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