Arts and Sciences College Fund for Excellence

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Countless pressing issues and open questions face the world, and Arts & Sciences faculty are at the forefront of research and scholarship to address these issues and grow human knowledge. Gifts to this fund are free of restriction and enable the College to support faculty and programs as emerging needs arise.

Dean's Priority Fund for Students

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The Dean’s Priority Fund for Students supports transformative experiences for students in the College of Arts & Sciences, from admission to graduation – and beyond.

Arts & Sciences General Scholarship Fund

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Dedicated students with diverse life experiences are crucial to the life of the College. Gifts to the Arts & Sciences General Scholarship Fund ensure that the best and brightest students have access to an A&S education regardless of financial circumstances.

Graduate Support Fund

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Graduate students are essential to discovery process, as researchers and scholars working with faculty and as teachers inspiring undergraduates. Financial support is often the deciding factor in a graduate student’s choice of a graduate school, making the Graduate Support Fund a powerful tool for attracting talented students to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Life Sciences Building Fund

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The Department of Biology has a bold vision to transform biological research and teaching in a new Life Sciences Building. We will spark collaborations across disciplines, tackle pressing challenges facing the world, and engage students in hands-on research, redefining the classroom experience. This fund will provide general support for the Biology Life Sciences Building.

Life Sciences Greenhouse Fund

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In the new Biology Greenhouse, we will greatly expand our capacity to create connections between students, faculty, and the community, drawing thousands of UW students, community members, K-12 students, horticulturists, and researchers every year, making it a nexus for plant science, education, and community engagement and a welcoming entry point to the UW.

New Burke

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The Burke Museum is building a new, flagship museum of natural history and culture for Washington state. The new facility, scheduled to open in 2019, will integrate exhibits and learning areas with working spaces throughout the museum, inviting everyone to uncover the depth and breadth of the museum's collections and experience the thrill of daily discoveries generated at the Burke. The New Burke can accommodate twice the current number of Pre-K–12 students served annually, and state-of-the-art labs will serve more students, researchers, and artists each year.

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