Christopher Rauch Meyer Endowed Fund

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This endowment is named in memory and honor of Christopher Meyer (B.A. '85 Communication and Psychology). Christopher's experiences on UW crew for four years as a lightweight oarsman and his initiation into the Varsity Boat Club as a member of Delta Chi Fraternity were transformative experiences for him. He also had a strong interest in film and theater; he took drama courses to hone his skills in acting and lived and worked in Hollywood on two different occasions to pursue his passion for work in film. This endowment honors Christopher's legacy of seizing opportunities, taking chances, and pursuing dreams. The UW Department of Communication has a robust career exploration program that moves students beyond the classroom and into communities of alumni and friends who serve as mentors for their career pursuits. This endowment carries forward Christopher's legacy by supporting such mentoring and providing a range of students with opportunities to travel to and meet with professional communication leaders.

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