Priority Funds

Arts & Sciences General Scholarship Fund

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The success or failure of the College of Arts and Sciences in attracting the best and brightest undergraduate students depends on its ability to guarantee every admitted student access to the College. Gifts to the Arts and Sciences General Scholarship Fund enable the College to keep its doors open to best and brightest students regardless of their financial circumstances.

Graduate Support Fund

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The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the important roles that graduate students play in the discovery process: creating new knowledge, inspiring their teachers, and teaching undergraduate students. Since most graduate students pay for their own education—not relying on their parents—the availability of financial support is frequently the decisive element in a student's choice of a graduate school. The Graduate Support Fund was established to ensure that the broadest range of promising, talented men and women have access to the top-ranked graduate training programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dean's Priority Fund for Students

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To support transformative experiences for students in the College of Arts & Sciences, from admission to graduation – and beyond.

Arts and Sciences College Fund for Excellence

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Gifts to this fund are free from restriction, and provide essential support for ongoing work and programs. The Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences disburses these funds throughout the College to meet emerging needs and opportunities as they arise.

Life Sciences Building Fund

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This fund will provide general support for the Biology Life Sciences Building, including but not limited to: outfitting the building, recruiting and retaining, faculty, supplying equipment for student use, animal care, research, and instruction.

Life Sciences Greenhouse Fund

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To support the Biology Life Sciences Greenhouse, including, but not limited to research instruction and outreach.

New Burke

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To pay for construction and associated costs of a new building for the Burke Museum.

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