The Ackerley School Partnership Endowment

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Your gift to the Ackerley Partner School Network will strengthen and support collaboration within public schools and districts that respond to the needs of students that face the greatest challenges. This network creates a space where schools and educators can share resources, information and effective strategies that can be applied in multiple settings.

Tomorrow’s Great Teachers Today Scholarship Fund

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To provide scholarship support for students in the UW College of Education Master in Teaching Programs.

Education Community Partner Ph.D. Fellowships

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Support passionate young scholars at the forefront of educational innovation as they partner with local schools and communities to research the most pressing issues in our time.

Cradle to Career Innovation Fund

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Support the UW College of Education’s emerging, high-impact research partnerships for innovation across the entire P-20 education continuum and expand access to great teaching and learning for all.

The Dream Project Excellence Fund

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The Dream Project is a student-initiated high school outreach program that operates as a University of Washington course, partnering UW students with first-generation and low-income high school students to help them achieve the dream of attending college. This fund supports expenses for the high school outreach activities as well as the classroom costs.

Haring Center Fund for Inclusion

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Gifts to the Haring Center Fund for Inclusion provide unrestricted support to the model early childhood programs at the Haring Center. At the director's discretion, funds will be used to provide assistance where it's most needed to ensure children continue to receive high quality, innovative social, emotional, and academic early intervention services.

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